Supplements like Vigrx boost stamina and performance

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Supplements like Vigrx boost stamina and performance. What are psychological and/or energetic reasons for people to like/enjoy Vigrx pills? One of the answer for people who like pain and humiliation may be that, when you treat them this way, then their deep, worthless self image/sense of low self esteem feels to be really seen, and that causes pleasure (that someone sees them as they really, secretly, deeply are/feel/see themselves).

 Another answer may be that strong practices like that causes intensive movements of energy in body, especially when its stuck (and many women are not connected with their bodies).

 One more idea may be about polarity of masculine/feminine and dominant/submissive energies...I am into BDSM as well (as a DOM, so maybe the reason is hidden, deep hatred toward women, that I am aware of and working on it) and do not judge at all or try to say its good or bad. I am just curious about uncensored opinions about it and real, deepest causes. Learn more at

One of my girlfriends has really got me in to BDSM. Like you, my only interest is being dominant. She is a sub and into some really intense stuff. Personally, I don't really care of exploring why someone might be into some of these things. For me the dominance is empowering and its actually a kind of natural step from where I was sexually.

During normal love-making both partners are both receivers and givers at the same time. And that's fine, but it's also a compromise. They have to focus on both for it to be satisfying.

BDSM resolves that issue by setting two clearly defined roles. One person assumes full responsibility and the other person assumes no responsibility. One person has full say in what's going on and the other has no say in what's going on.

This power relation polarises the roles and makes it more satisfying on both ends. People often stuggle with conflicting feelings, guilt and other assumptions that rest in our culture. However, if all control is taken away in a BDSM roleplay then they're absolved of all of that. They can focus on themselves as there's nothing they can do wrong, they're not responsible.

Likewise, a dominating role is equally satisfying (although harder to do right) because someone in full control can't do anything wrong either, as everything is assume to be intentional (though in practice it still requires utmost care, empathy and compassion to handle it well).  Learn more at

So rather than a grey middle-ground held by two partners BDSM offers a black and white playground with clarity and far more sexual tension than ordinary sex. I've not practiced BDSM, but here are some thoughts on it.

Polarity is definitely a factor. When someone can identify completely with a role, doubt is removed. There's a power in single-mindedness, and liberation when we surrender to the energy of the experience; anyone familiar with Dionysian states will understand.

From a submissive perspective, experience is very different when we allow circumstances to overtake our experience. There's a freedom in learning to detach and letting things happen.

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