How To Increase Semen Loads

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I want to talk next about how to increase semen loads. There're really two protocols that we're going to talk about. Always look in the transcripts here, because there're changes that we make in the formulas, the protocols sometimes as we get more feedback and learn more things. We put the latest ones in the written material. This is the remedial protocol. The remedial protocol is for what happens if you've got some kind of problem and you have very low volume. This is not for men who are making a decent load of ejaculate, and they want to have a big load. This is for men whose experience is hardly anything comes out when they ejaculate, and there's a problem, and their doctor doesn't know what it is. It's really for really low semen volume. I found many men have done this. It's basically two ingredients. Liposomal vitamin C and aged garlic.

Aged garlic is like garlic that they leave out, and it becomes less irritating and less of an odor and won't make you smell like an Italian restaurant.

Yeah, you know it's only if you're trying to get rid of vampires.

You can take it twice a day and then liposomal C is sold on Amazon, there's a number of brands to it. It's a special type of vitamin C. You have to take it on an empty stomach. You take two to five grams a day. You have to take it about half an hour before eating, or two, or three hours after eating. The two seem to over about a month, a month and a half; they've really fixed people's low semen problems, pretty much consistently. Almost always. I don't know why, but they seem to work completely well. I've never had anybody do it where it hasn't worked, for when they really have almost no semen. After that, you've done this for a while, you can move to maintenance mode. You can continue doing this if you want, or you can let's say cut back on the liposomal C and the garlic, but you don't have to. I have had people use regular vitamin C also, but the liposomal vitamin C seems to work a lot better. Learn more at and

 The second protocol is the big loads protocol. This is if you just want big loads. You don't have any health problems; you just want to have more semen. One way of getting more semen is if you don't actually ejaculate as often, you'll have much bigger ejaculate loads if you ejaculate less often, then more often by the way. This is if you want to ejaculate often and have big loads. The ingredients include all lysine and taurine; these are amino acids. Taurine at the beginning might give you a little bit of heartburn, or stomach ache, but it should go away. You know how people love Red Bull and all that? They have taurine in them. They have exactly the same amount of taurine in them.

I get bags of this stuff; it's so cheap. A pound of taurine is $12, and it lasts a long time. A pound of taurine, let's say is about one and quarter year's supply.



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