Vitamins helps raise libido

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Vitamins helps raise libido a lot because a lot of us have a lot of parathyroid hormone because we have low calcium. The parathyroid hormone comes out when we have low calcium and causes a lot of problems with libido. The best way of getting calcium is you just get egg shells. Boil them. You use them in your eggs, to make your eggs. Keep the shells and boil them in a little bowl for five minutes in the microwave. Cool, remove the membrane, the stuff inside, the little protein inside and then put them on a cookie sheet and dry them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then let them cool and then just grind them in a coffee, or spice grinder as finely as possible and take one to two teaspoons a day can boost your libido power and stamina in the bedroom. Learn more about male supplements at and

That's equivalent to 1,000 or 1,500 milligrams of calcium in a very useable form. Very low heavy metals. You could use calcium from other sources like oyster shell, but it tends to be high in heavy metals.

You want to avoid heavy metals right?

Yeah very much so. The next thing is the PSP form of B6. This is very powerful in blocking prolactin and also lowering your cortisol levels. It's an active form of vitamin B6 called P5P. You just want to add 50 milligrams a day, no more. A lot of people are into salt and avoiding salt. I want you to salt things liberally. When you have low salt, you actually create blood pressure problems. It backfires on you. You really want to have plenty of salt. If you have low salt, you increase the hormone called aldosterone, which then attempts to basically make your blood vessels smaller, because it's an electrolyte imbalance. It causes swelling in the body. It's a counteract, the low salt. You want to have plenty of salt.

Salt will combat excessive adrenalin. When you wake up, you maybe have adrenalin. Your heart may be pounding a little bit. If you have a quarter teaspoon in water when you wake up, that can be very soothing on your adrenals, like immediately. Use sea salt to taste. Try not to use iodine salt, or regular salt. Iodine salt is nasty. Zinc, I don't want you to overboard on the zinc. Zinc is very competitive with copper and copper is a very difficult metal to get in a utilizable, metabolizable form. Some people go overboard, and they're very sorry. Just 20 milligrams to 50 once a day is all you need. If you skip some days, that's fine too. Learn about extenders at

To give you the micronutrients that you need, you can have four ounces of ca|f's liver, or lamb liver once a week, which is about a quarter pound. Four ounces once a week, because that will give you a lot of vitamin K2, B vitamins, vitamins A, that you can't really get easily any other way and copper in a utilizable form. I also suggest if you're into oysters, have 12 oysters a week, because you're going to get the copper and you're going to get these trace elements from the ocean that you're not going to get very easily any other way. Learn more at,1493313066,male-enhancement-report-com.html

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