My First Date Using Pherazone Ultra Pheromones

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So I have been on using Pherazone for a few years now and as most people got completely lost in the world of too many pheromone choices. My primary interest was Chikara cologne and Max Attraction Gold while I made some strides in the first two, the third one was lacking severely for all these years.
My biggest issue was conversation skills, be it on person or on text and never knew how to build attraction. I used to get friend zoned so often cuz I was sooo nice a guy..... story of most guys here I guess.

My First Date Using Pherazone Ultra Pheromones

Date 1: We kissed on first date, had incredible chemistry but things didn't work out.
Date 2: Fat chick but I wanted to see how far I go... limited alcohol intake, used bliss and did a lot of Kino... went home that nite... sex wasn't good, logistics of fat girl. but gave amazing head.
Date 3: Reduced alcohol intake, Bliss 1 Cohesion 1 and Pherazone sprays.. she snuck me into her terrace and have a very good time.... girls quality is improving.... and I must say Alpha Male has given me enough strength to walk away even while in the middle of sex cuz I didnt like the way she acted... She started acting bitchy after her first orgasm, so I literally got up, started dressing. She didnt know what to do and as I started walking, she came running over to stop.... felt good to have that kinda power instead of giving all the power to pussy... This girl is a like a guy in her emotions,. very switch on and off and very disconnected.... I surprised myself with my calmness.. ok enough gloating. Learn more about Pherazone at

Pherazone pheromones seem to work. The quality of the girls is also increasing and I cannot believe the things I do on first date now and things I say. It is hard to believe that I could be doing any of this stuff. Girls respond to a strong frame and " I don't give a fuck" Attitude, Now I am a believer...
Here is more dates with hotter girls and faster lays using Pherazone.

Progress with using Pherazone

Almost all dates are turning quickly into lays by using Pherazone Ultra. When I encounter some kind of test, my mind automatically switches on to sedona where I let go of whatever is bothering me. Case in point a few days ago I was upset with a girl i am seeing and within minutes I knew why, I was seeking too much control and approval from her. so Of I go into a letting go with Sedona and back to my flow faster than ever before. So my conclusion is Pherazone works, it takes at lest 2 runs and yes that is a long time. I also suggest you go through Sedona as it gives you handy tools to handle your own emotions. Now I am layering other products to add to the effectiveness. Learn more about pheromones at

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