Is Arouser Effective?

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Genital insecurity is evident at any athletic club. Take a look around the locker room and notice how men discreetly cover themselves on the way to merely a display of modesty is covering up his "shortcomings." to clear up some of the misconceptions about penis size assure you that if you are dissatisfied with your size, can take specific steps to change it.

Arouser is a male supplement for boosting libido and performance in the bedroom. Like many ED products on the market Arouser is an herbal formulation that claims to work in minutes. It’s believed that Arize beging sto take effect within a half an hour for most healthy individuals even if there is no foreplay involved.

The advantages of size

Dr. Alex Comfort, the eminent researcher emphasizes the importance that a man places on the size of his genitals/ In his list of causes of intimacy problems in men, concern over size sits right at the top. And this is not just a western phenomenon. Cultures worldwide esteem the large phallus. Tribal shamans in the Ivory Coast have fully exploited this preoccupation with genital size. Their most effective weapon against enemies and unruly tourists is to threaten them with a curse to reduce the size of their genitals. Learn about Arouser |

Men's Health magazine recently reported an amusing lnecdote of this curse in action. When the local police came across I hand of Nigerian fisherman preparing to lynch witch doctor . Ibrahim Hassane, the authorities wanted to know why. The fisher- ‘, men explained that the shaman had placed a curse on them which ' reduced the size of their members by two-thirds. One by one, they 3 showed their diminished genitals as proof. The accused witch doctor confessed to his mischief but refused to provide the details of his magic (I wonder if he has a curse that does just the opposite?). Learn more at

Are Arouser Pills Effective?

Arize was formulate to maximize blood flow and boost libido. Arize contains powerful herbs and ingredients such as Eurycoma Longifolia, which has been shown by the scientific community to be a powerful herbal aphrodisiac while boosting testosterone. This is crucial because without excitement men will not be able to get hard.

Arouser versus synthetic drugs

Taking an all natural herbal formula like Arouser is much safer than using prescription medications. It is no secret that prescription enhancers contain chemicals like Siledenafil and Tadalfil which are banned in many countries. Arize is created in a GMP0certified factory and has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee its safety. Consider X4 labs extender as an option to using pills.

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A large, thick member has the capability of stretching the vaginal (or anal) muscles ‘I much greater extent, and provides the partner with a sense of -- — completely filled and totally penetrated. Also, the actual intercourse stroke plays a large role in the exctiement that can be enjoyed by both partners.

Let's clarify a very important point here. A large member by itself amounts to little if the owner is an absolute oaf who is devoid of sexual adroitness and alacrity. Technique and attention to a lover's needs are by far the most important function in determining satisfaction.

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