Arize 2016 Review

posted on 08 Apr 2016 17:57 by lusharson8884 in Supplements

Vigrx Plus has iron and it has the methylated B's and it has vitamin C and bioflavonoids for absorption of male enhancement supplements. It's very gentle. And like I said eggs need the iron. I see like so many women who have different types of anemia. So whether it's like the B12, B6-type anemia or if it's a true iron deficiency, I think this formula is really gentle and it's not like a big hunk in pill. It’s just one a day. So I like that one. For men and women I like high quality fish oil.

And then I wanted to mention a couple of herbs. One is vitex or chaste tree that probably a lot of women have heard about. And it does help balance the hormones, especially if you're having a low progesterone or what we call a weaker luteal phase, super common to see this. So you can support that luteal phase with taking vitex using magnesium, avoiding alcohol, and coffee, and sugar. And we had a lecture about herbs and really it's like a three- to six-month time you're spending on. It’s not just take it for a week, so taking it for a while. And then the last one I'm going to mention is Tribulus, which is an herb that builds testosterone. So that could be used for men or women, as well with more production of Vigrx Plus. Check out Arize review |

That's great! Yeah, I wanted to repeat what you said about avoiding the caffeine and the sugar. And obviously the grains are impactful, too. You’re depleting that magnesium. So if you're supplementing it in, yet you have a lifestyle where you're drinking plenty of coffee, you're just going to create this vicious cycle and dehydration and all sorts of stuff. So those are all great supplements. Apparently, you have a super ninja tip for fertility? What is that? Super ninja tip, I feel like I gave it away a little already. And, Evan, it's actually from a book that you just recommended to me called The Attractor Factor. And the book, I have mixed feelings about the book, where you said one thing and I felt like you really summarize something that I've been thinking about for a while, which is like, “What’s the shortcut to getting what you want?” It’s to be happy now because whatever we're striving for, we think, “Well, once I get that I'll be happy.” And that really plays in to this fertility conversation. And I do want you to want your baby and crave your baby. And I think that's totally normal, and do what it takes to get there. But at the same time, if you're waiting for the baby to be happy, you're making yourself miserable now. So being happy now and wanting the baby is that yin yang that happens in life. It happens with you and I with business. It happens everywhere. One wasn't following any of my advice and went off on her own. But she went to yoga training. And she was so happy. And she got pregnant. So maybe she was getting some good health advice there being more physical. But she was really happy. She was pursuing something she loved.