The Power of Hypnosis Training

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The potential of hypnosis is unlimited and you do need to apply yourself. It is a job, but it's a fun job. It’s a lifestyle, that’s what it is. It’s something you embrace and sooner or later it embraces you and you become it. So, as a stage hypnotist you are the product and what’s being marketed is you to learn self hypnosis.

Over the course of the next four days do not be me or Igor, be you. You have to be you, if you are just you and genuine in who you are then that’s what's going to come out in the show. Don’t go out and try to emulate anybody else, just be you.

And perhaps one day you too will be in a city built in the middle of a desert, telling people things like, everyone put your hands out like this.

Exactly like that. Hypnosis gives you the edge you need. Hypnosis is a distnict form of consciousness.

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And, of course, that’s right...some people won’t quite understand what you say it’s very simple, you just put your hands out like this. One or two people will start catching on as you start doing this, but then they’ll go okay...put your hands out just like this. When you put your hands out just like this...

Eventually, more and more people begin to understand what you’re doing. You’re doing a show right, put your hands out to this you’ll say to them, and they’ll put their hands out just like this with enthusiasm and eagerness.

They might even put their hands together.

And then perhaps interlock those fingers, as you say to them, squeeze those fists tightly, fingers locking tightly.

Make sure they’re locked and glued as tightly as you can imagine. Imagine and feel those hands coming together tighter and tighter. So tight that they do not want to come apart. Watch those hands. Focus your mind. Feel them tighter and tighter. and

Tighter and tighter, like cement.

The Power of Hypnosis

Now, one of the things that — those of you who have trained with me before, of course, we’re familiar with and for those of you that haven’t we’ll be familiar with you very soon— is one of those important things in acquiring a skill is that you adopt a role, something to tell your unconscious mind what to aspire to. When you adopt a role, what I do not mean by that is that you beat yourself up every time you’re not performing like that and they’re like oh, my God I’m supposed to be doing it like this and I’m not doing it. That’s not what I’m talking about. That’s only natural. One of the keys to creating confidence is competence.

You guessed it, on the fourth day you’ll have a lot of fun. You see, our aim for the next four days is to drill you. This is called boot camp for a reason. We’re going to work you hard. We’ll work you so hard, that by the fourth day every one of you in this room will be doing a show up here in Vegas, filmed, you’ll get a tape and everything.

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