How Pheromones Make Me Feel

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Pheromones are sold for men and women. At one point, I lay back on the warm, flat rock and allowed my pheromone scent to open into the light. I felt completely safe, completely at ease, and one with my body and heart. I was pouring out into everything, in a state of total ecstasy.
I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. It was so freeing to be totally expressive of my love and simply to be seen in that beautiful way. As Chris began to wrap up, I sat on the rock feeling jubilant, like a little girl again. All I wanted to do was have Chris make love to me. And yet, I was afraid to break the spell of this magnificent feeling.
After he got the pheromone production up, he came and sat with me. He looked into my eyes. I loved his eyes because they didn’t need anything from me. The power of that was incredibly seductive. He then kissed me, intensely and slowly. Learn about pheromones for men 2015 |
We kissed like that, late sun falling on our faces, until it felt as if our mouths became one. He then lay down on top of me. Without even moving, I felt our energies dancing, merging. Our intimacy was so deep, like an abyss of possibility; but it had nothing to do with our words, commonalities, admiration, or agreement. He was wearing a heavy doesage of Pherazone pheromones. I was immediately attracted to his pheromone scent according to
We were like the earth meeting the sky on that warm, flat rock – breathing as one until the sun went down. When we got back to Chris’s place, he asked if I’d like a hot bubble bath. I’d gotten chilled on the hike back. I nodded, nervous but excited. I heard him start the bath and put on the kettle for tea. I was thinking most men would have taken advantage of my openness that day – on the rock. But it was obvious Chris was content and comfortable with the pace. He invited me to get into the bath. There was a robe carefully laid out for me to put on (in privacy). One of the best pheromones for men is Pherazone.
He guided me to the bathroom and said he’d check back in a moment with tea, giving me time to get in on my own. He didn’t use these obviously intimate moments as seduction opportunities, as is so common with some men, and this intensified both my trust and my desire. Chris sat on the floor, and we talked while I was in the bath.
He spoke about his work, the land he lived on, and a little about his photography. I found myself drifting into romantic thoughts of a future with him and coming back to witness him finding himself within himself as he spoke. When I could no longer sit in the heat of the tub, Chris helped me out and dried me off. This, too, was a moment that was intensely erotic for me because he was so present and in control. By the time we got to his bed, I was without defense, without fear – just open and ready for him to have me. It’s hard to describe how good it feels for a woman to open to a man – to have no reservations or concerns regarding human pheromones according to
It is a kind of pheromonal ecstasy unto itself to want so passionately that there is nothing else. I had that feeling that night. How Chris made love to me is secondary, really. What made it memorable and unforgettable was how he opened me. He was curious, interested, and focused, and he had a meaningful desire to engage me. He stands out in my memory because I felt gorgeous and feminine in his presence and under his touch.


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