Are Pheromones Worth It?

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So there are people who believe they work. I get mixed results, mostly unfavorable ones and the favorable aren't worth their high price.  Pheromones do exist. They might not make the opposite sex crazy to copulate with you like they do in animals, but they do exist.

Why waste your money on this pheromones? Why not just use the money to buy a hooker? 

Seriously though, some of these pheromone bottles are very expensive. You could go to the tanning bed for a month or even buy some dumb-bells for the same price. At least you'd be slighly improving your appearance. This scent shit is just wishful thinking.

I once tested the cologne Herrera with added Athena 10X pheromones . The two basic reactions I got were from women in their 40s/30s and black women . In the past black women either ignored me or laughed at me as I am vice president of the Really White Guy Association. Learn about pheromone perfume |

Pheromones are always present, they just dont work the way people think they work. Everyone produces their own pheromones. But unfortunately women wont jump on your dick because of it.

When you go down on a chick, do you feel how aroused you get and crazy because of the scent? (not the sweaty pussy, clean one) Those are pheromones at work, partially of course, because pussy itself is a joke. Check out pheromones at

They work, but having 80% game and 20% pheromones will be a lot more benefical than actually relying on them...

PS: For people interested in using or trying pheromones, my best tip: For the love of god, don't EVER buy ANY pheromone produt that doesn't list exactly how much pheromones is in them, they are just pure rip-offs!

Is it normal to enjoy the smell of your own body pheromones?

Every girl I have ever slept with has commented on my glorious after sex pheromones. Im not going to lie, I enjoy my own smell also, is that wrong? For some reason I fear that enjoying my own BO is a bad thing? But my BO is not bad, it almost smells like a light cologne. It certianly never raises any noses at the gym or in class or at a party. Learn more about pheromones |

For instance, I workout often, really sweat, drink tons of anti oxidants and eat fairly healthy. This is what I account for my good pheromone smell. But is it odd to be proud of it or even take a whiff just to enjoy it? I don't know, some times my "luck" with women is outstanding and I have often thought, is it my intoxicating BO?

When it comes to other peoples BO I am grossed out worse then having to change a shitty diaper. I hate the smell of other peoples BO. people who are fat and at the gym piss me off because of this nasty BO!

So its not that I like the smell of BO, I hate it, I just enjoy my own. It's abnormal if you have bad odor and enjoy it -- that can actually be a sign of a dissociative disorder. But if you have a good one? No, it ain’t.


Many men feel that since they don’t fit certain standards described by society’s model, that they are undeserving of getting the attention of women. Other men continuously try to mold themselves to fit the conventional societal model, and yet never see any results. They continue down the same path, expecting that once they reach a certain level of success, that women will start finding them attractive. If you are repeatedly not getting the intended results for the actions that you are taking, perhaps it is time to consider that your world model regarding attraction is wrong.

In contrast, what does our society tell the nerdy engineer who has a crush on the blonde cheerleader in his math class? Is he told that he should push his comfort zone, work on improving himself and develop a deep inner self-confidence? Nope, he is instead told to just wait and that love will eventually come and find him. This is one of the most harmful messages that this person could receive. Real life is not a Lifetime movie where the girl finally comes around in the end. The message to sit and do nothing is not the advice that one should follow who is looking to change their life circumstances. Check out Athena 10:13 pheromones at

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