My Story About Pheromones

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I turned to the Internet where I began ordering pheromone colognes and perfumes. Most were AWEFUL, but a few were proven systems that worked. I read every pheromone book and DVD I could get my hands on.

My confidence grew. I attended pheromone forums where you actually meet and pick up women “in the field” (i.e., in clubs and bars) with the gurus themselves coaching you every step of the way like Cyrano de Bergeracs.

Eventually, my game became so good that I became a coach myself. For a while, I took over and ran an underground pheromone seduction community in a top five city. I taught guys both “inner” and “outer” game according to many.

The problem: Most of the guys were 18-25 with little to no experience with life or women using pheromones. In other words, they had no identity other than wanting to meet women, play XBox, and get laid. That’s fine when you’re a horny, inexperienced 22 year-old, but I was far past this stage in my own life, and found myself wanting to help guys who were looking for something more in life thanks to
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Later, in boot camps, the gurus began to assign me the older guys in the group (since most of the instructors are in their twenties). It was during this time, I began to realize there was an important and under-served niche of students: older guys who had been out of the game for years (often because of a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship).

Consequently, I began to refine my teaching specifically for these guys. Let me say it again: I learned from THE BEST in “the game”, and I’m grateful for every book I read, every DVD I watched, and every boot camp I attended and taught. The gurus helped turn my life around. But when I realized 99% of the material I’d studied was written for young, 20-something year-old guys – Blackbacks -- I knew it was time to develop something different.
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They are teaching male pheromone users how to be cheap, pretending they truly want to protect them from scams. They know very well that nobody will ever feel serious about, and will be even less likely to choose, a cheap man! Such brainwashed guys will stay alone forever, paying dating agencies’ bills, like helpless zombies

I’ll my students to Tease women . This technique is directly related to pheromone output, and it’s so important that I dedicate a good portion of S.M.E. III: The Allure to the art and science of Teasing. Abraham Lincoln was known for a quick wit and a terrific sense of humor. In fact, the 16th President once observed: “If I did not laugh I should die, and you need this medicine as much as I do.” I  agree with this sentiment. I have to laugh every day, or I’d be miserable.


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