Suprised With Pheromones

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You will be surprised at the results with pheromones.


This kind of pheromone language sends a message to other women, and the women, that others (namely women) make the decisions for you. You take the woman’s hand, and you always lead the way.

Here is a pheromone technique that I use in a crowded environment: I hold a woman’s hand above our heads. It subtly draws attention to us (especially with other women, who will notice that I’m holding hands with one of their attractive peers/rivals).

• Maintain Personal Space. Personal space is so important, in all social situations. I’m a big fan of the classic pheromones show at and one of my favorite episodes is when Elaine brings her best. 

new boyfriend named Aaron up to Jerry’s apartment to meet her friends. Aaron is a “close talker” -- in other words, someone who stands inordinately and uncomfortably close to someone when speaking. Don’t be a “close talker” when you’re speaking with anyone -- especially women. Disrupting personal space is not characteristic of the pheromone seducer.

Always remember you are the dominant one. However, as you get to know a woman, there will come a time -- when you are using your pheromone cologne to physically Tease her. But, generally speaking, when you first meet a woman, you must be conscious of personal space -- yours and hers (as well as others in the group, who you do not want characterizing you later as a “close talker”).

• SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Smiling is so important, and yet it’s so often overlooked by guys in their mid-thirties and older. I see it all the time: a decent-looking would-be Silverback enters a bar, scowling and frowning like he’s just had the worst day of his life. This is an instantaneous turn-off.

The smile is a big part of this. When you smile, you put others at ease. The subtext of a smile is that you’re a fun guy who uses pheromones to attract women and you have a sense of humor. Should you smile all the time? No. Then it’s obvious you’re faking it (or on really heavy drugs). But when you are meeting women, I want you smiling. One exception to this rule: if you’re establishing boundaries with a woman (remember the sixth Attraction Trigger: Strong Boundaries), then you do not want to smile. In fact, that’s the time according to  when I want you to put on your war face.

• Advance Fearlessly. When you see a woman you want to meet, just do it. Don’t give yourself a pep talk. Don’t have a drink first to loosen up. Don’t play coy games off looking at each other across the room without speaking. Approach NOW!

I believe that joy is not the only process in which the intensifying the sensations of the body is important. I noticed that a certain kind of negativity benefits from it as well. I was in quite a 'negative' state today but I also had a lot of clarity with real pheromones according to and

One of those things is that I need to be really aware of my limiting believes. I am more aware of them actually with human pheromones. Also, I feel that I don't need to change my limiting believes. Most of the time, just being aware of them produces a change in the believes already with real pheromones, because with most of them the absurdity of it all is easy to see. Some of them don't change however, and these believes also feel more real. But now at least I then know that a certain believe is blocking myself from action and that I perceive this believe as quite persistent and as a solid force. My hunch is that if I just observe such believes long enough (by repeatedly seeing them) that the absurdity will show itself eventually and they will dissipate automatically with real pheromones. Learn more  about dating at

Also I am more aware when I'm miss-attributing things or when I talk too perfectionist towards myself. Perfectionism leads to insecurity anyway (I forgot why and how I had the insight today but yea I forget stuff ).

Because of these things a lot of my negativity was immediately gone. So I felt unpleasurable sensations but not necessarily negative anymore. Learn more about pheromones at

The science behind attraction is an area that even a Nobel Prize winning physicist was clueless about before being schooled by an illiterate bartender. The information presented in this book will likely go against what you have previously been conditioned to believe. I recommend that you set aside preconceived notions when reading and applying the knowledge contained in the following chapters, just as I had to when I first applied the “Feynman principle” in Poland. A single chapter of a physicist’s memoir profusely changed my life. I hope the contents of this book will do the same for you. Learn more about pheromone cologne |


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