Magna RX Supplements

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There are reasons why Magna RX is not a good supplement. Fillers are used to increase the volume of material in a tablet or capsule to create standard-size tablets and full capsules. Common non-food fillers like talc (a known carcinogen) or silicon may cause problems with digestion and absorption. Food-grade fillers include cornstarch, lactose, cellulose, sorbitol, and calcium phosphate.

On the other hand, complete food-based vitamins C, E, and A have lower milligram levels, yet the body and blood cells can easily absorb and use them, resulting in an overall increase in health.

Binders are various compounds used to bind the components within the tablets together and increase the hardness of the tablet. Binders are made from lecithin, honey, sorbitol, gum arabic, and cellulose.

Disintegrants are added to many male supplements to aid in the disintegration of the tablet within the gastrointestinal tract. They cause the tablet to swell and break apart. Some disintegrants have been associated with asthma attacks, rashes, and allergies. In addition, they may contribute to plaque and hardening of the arteries.

Lubricants and flow agents aid in the release of tablets from molds and dyes, and ensure unrestrained movement of materials through the tableting machinery to make the manufacturing process smoother. Magnesium stearate, calcium stearate, and stearic acid may be used to increase the time tablets take to dissolve. Other common flow agents are vegetable stearin and silica. These unnatural materials, like lubricants, have been known to cause indigestion and other health problems. Learn more at

Flavoring agents: Sweeteners commonly found in supplements are sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, sorbitol, and maltose. Sweeteners are used in liquid, powdered, chewable, or sublingual supplements. Artificial or natural flavoring may also be added. All of these sweeteners and flavorings are chemically synthesized and are extremely harmful due to these sweeteners fueling viruses, bacteria, and cancers.

 Coloring agents are generally added for marketing purposes, specifically to improve the appearance of a supplement. Some are derived from natural sources like beets, carrots, or chlorophyll, but most are toxic synthetics that negatively impact one's health. Many of these dyes, such as the red variety, have a direct link to cancer development. Check out Magna RX supplement |

Coating materials are used to increase shelf life, protect from moisture, and mask unpleasant odors and flavors. Coating also aids in swallowing a tablet and helps to prevent tablets from breaking apart. Coating materials, which are commonly listed on labels as pharmaceutical glaze, confectioners glaze, or natural glaze, are actually shellacs that are difficult to digest, and those derived from petrochemicals are known carcinogens. As stated before, shellacs are often made from the wings of beetles, and natural vegetable coatings are often derived from corn or palm trees.

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Does the Bathmate or Sizegenetics work?

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You would need to have a big package that you can make bigger and smaller to really find out what changes with pecker size. My experiences on top of my head with 16 girls:

I have yet to find a girl that did not cum before and then erupts when I bang her with a really fat pecker (extension).

Some girls just cum like crazy, even from just banging them with my small package. Seldom ones just don't bust a nut at all. Some only with a superstrong vibrator. Some just come clitorally. One girl (ugly fat girl btw) i know really needs a big dong to explode, she screens for that.

When watching porn it's the same I feel: some girls come like crazy - it seems like because of the big dong, cause they all got a big dong and the females also of course act like being cock-crazed about it. Others get the biggest schlongs inserted into them and i am thinking 'my fb screams so much more'. Learn more about X4 labs at and 

I am about the 6" of girth mentioned. While I can confirm that women think a lot about size, and that girth is far more important than length, I would still say, that size never allowed me to do, what I can do today with the experience I have. The comparison is not even close. As usual asking women what they want in men is fraught with problems, the chief one being their will to be honest, and their own experience. What I can do with my experience is apparently so rare that none of the women I have been with over the last couple of years, nor any of their friends have heard of anything like it, nor did they believe it was even possible. Many of the friends still won't believe it is real. I don't say this to shamelessly promote myself, or to impress you, but just to point out, that the answers you get with such a query depends on the people you ask, more than it depends on the actual truth. 

Does the Bathmate or Sizegenetics work?

Size it’s not important, unless you really have a small pecker, like tiny small. Most people its just average. That's for women and men, average pussies swallowing average peckers.

And its also about the girl perception, cuz most don’t even have climaxes, so a big schlong is just a mental thing to some girls, like they really want to feel filled up, but I have also noticed that girls that are good in bed really grab my cock with their pussy, so its also a thing about them knowing what to do with a d*ck in their pussy.

And intercourse is an expression of who you are rather than just two organs friction, yes the mechanic aspect is important but really being in touch and really banging a girl is where is at, bioenergetics and reichian works teach that, the amount of satisfation you get from intercourse is something that reflects your whole body and the relaxation you and your girl have.

My latest experience with pheromones

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My latest experience with pheromones has been pretty fun. After a few rough days I needed to read this and I can say after about 2 weeks of HIGH anxiety iIve finally calmed down.

I made this post at the height of my "meltdown" after my supervisor moved where I sit at work, and then the pestering started. A week of pestering and I was at my breaking point. Its not the best job but its decent after being out of work for 3 years after my terrible first job after college (that’s a whole other story...). I needed this job to start over, and I've been working part time here for a year. I was doing well until the seat move and the micromanaging started using cheaper pheromones. Learn about Icebreaker pheromone cologne |

I finally snapped and ended up talking to pheromone researchers even though I was scared shitless about it. Things seem to be improving  at work though and they are going to find a better place for me to sit which just so happens to be further away from my bitch supervisor. I'm hoping that it works out and I can just keep working on trying to reach my goals one day at a time like you said.

I'm going to look into your suggestions. I really like the two videos! Going to incorporate them into my routine and maybe add a third day of exercise to my week (currently only workout two times a day).

Dating: Yes its hard isn't it? Thanks for the words man! Appreciate it. yea you are right, it can't rain forever. I gotta get the courage up to start approaching even if its just online to start. Also that is a very sexy looking watch!!! Ouch at the price tag (had to look it up) but wow! its magnificent!  

Good luck to you too my friend on our journey! If you ever need some support or a friend to share your own journal with send me a message!!! I look forward to reading about your progress! and i'll update this as I have some of my own!!! My anxiety has returned to baseline now that my work situation is a little bit settled. However, I have not been able to shake this depression.

Going out tonight with a few people from work. Dreading it primarily because a few of the girls will be bringing their husbands and they all are a lot more successful than me. It just reminds me that I'm not where I want or should be in my career (which currently is non existent apart from this part time job).

How does one forge ahead and remain confident in the face of knowing you aren't successful. Its incredibly difficult for me to see how I can not compare myself to others. Learn more about pheromones at

Of course money will be an issue too with everyone getting drinks and shit while I have to penny pinch because i'm not doing that well financially. I can't drink because of my GERD anyway but splitting the bill is never fun for me. The only reason I'm going is because I'm trying to push past my own comfort zones but sometimes its more trouble than its worth.

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